These 9 subjects can increase your stock sales in September 2018

Pond5 and Shutterstock have already released their shot lists for September. Although each agency has its specific needs, they represent a real demand of the whole market.

These trends are useful for whatever the kind of art you do. Video, photo, motion, 3d, vectors, etc. Apply the trending style for your type of art, and you should get excellent results out of it.

As always, the agencies are planning for the next months, and you might find it is still too early for some of the suggested topics. So do remember that agencies and companies also anticipate the work on their marketing campaigns.


1. Holiday Decor & Parties

The first example comes from Shutterstock, listing Holiday Parties & Decoration as a hot topic to work on.

– Every kind of image representing thanksgiving or shot in a Thanksgiving-themed scenario should do well. Searches are big for images representing kindness, giving thanks, family meals, and celebrations.
– Use your creativity for alcoholic drinks like champagne, whiskey, or mulled wine.
– If you can, work on Christmas decorations such as mistletoe, holly, garlands, confetti, glitter, and tinsel.
– Kitschy and exaggerated holiday elements and events are also trending. Ugly Christmas Sweater parties and Secret Santa surprises are a few examples. Try to get as weird as possible.
– On the other hand, there’s still a big demand for holiday-themed table settings. This is a saturated subject, so explore it with the current image trends. Flat lays are the perfect example for 2018.


2. Sale Shopping

As Black Friday and other global sales approach, there’s a big demand for assets representing this subject.

– Both online & inside store images will do well.
– People using a credit card in-store or at home, people of different ages and style browsing an e-commerce website, etc
– There’s also a big demand for vectors that can work for cards, coupons, or sale flyers.


3. Winter

The third request from Shutterstock is related to the coming of winter in the northern hemisphere.

– Although there’s still not enough snow out there, this is an excellent opportunity if you have old files inside your HD. Now is the time to bring them back to life. Falling of snow, close-ups of snow and snowflakes should get beautiful results.
– Illustrators and motiongraphers can also make good use of the high demand while many filmmakers and photographers aren’t able to do it.
– Every kind of winter sport & activity is also worth the shot. Skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, etc. As well as winter animals like penguins, polar bears, and moose.
– Try some shots of people enjoying winter beverages like hot cocoa and mulled wine (as mentioned before). Both indoor & outdoor, also people enjoying a holiday fire.


4. School & Education

And the last request from Shutterstock is related to school & education.

– Educational tools such as whiteboards, chalkboards, podiums, and craft supplies. There’s also demand for arts and crafts like scissors, rulers, collages, watercolors, and oil paints. These are cool objects for flatlays.
– Graduations celebrations like people receiving diplomas and awards.
– Another cool suggestion is organized team sports like basketball, badminton, hockey, and soccer as well as images picturing winning awards like trophies and podiums, and even speeches on podiums.


5. Pickup games

Pond5 is also making 3 requests for this month. The first one is connected to the approaching of the basketball season.

Especially to images and footage of people practicing the sport on urban scenarios. Pond5 gets specific with angle ideas and insights for keywords. Before heading to that path, be sure to read the entire suggestion. Players celebrating a victory, practicing, dribbling, texting on phones, etc.

As always, focus on different ages and race diversity to enforce the authenticity of your shot.



6. Rooftop parties

Rooftop parties are a great way to end the summer and a subject often requested by stock clients.

Images of friends toasting, dancing, eating, preparing barbecue, group selfies, etc. These are all cool ideas with increasing demand, especially from the food & beverage industry.

Try different shots with and without alcoholic beverages to ensure it will fit all needs. Adapting this to different cultures might also get good results.


7. Working late

The last Pond5 request is for images & videos of people working late. This is a hot topic in the health & business world and can be made in every country of the world.

Some ideas are evening shots of an executive eating at the desk, printing documents, shuffling through papers, rubbing eyes, working on a computer desk with a single desk lamp or screen light.

Just be sure to keep it as real as possible and give it a natural look. Avoid exaggerating on the subject’s tiredness.


8. Working Outside

Getty Images also revealed there’s a growing demand for images and videos of people working outside their office in authentic and diverse environments like cars, trains, cafés, and outdoor spaces. The model should be using a tablet, phone, laptop, and even virtual reality devices.

As always, target for diverse ethnicities, ages, looks, etc.


9. Seniors in Healthy Lifestyle

There’s a high demand for African American and Latino models living on a healthy lifestyle.

Diversity is the key here, as there are already too many images of Caucasian models.

Seniors wearing athletic but casual wear and interaction in casual environments like coffee shops, parks, casual dinners, etc. Not only practicing a sport but also socializing.

Subtle inclusion of technology as smartwatches and fitness trackers are also welcome.



Stock-related news of September

1. Vimeo Launches Vimeo Stock

The biggest story of the month is Vimeo announcing their new royalty-free video marketplace – Vimeo Stock.

Their CEO says their goal is to set a new standard for creative footage & put more money in contributors’ pockets. Though some might hear it as cheap talk, they seem to be promising 60-70 percent of the revenue to the contributors. That is way above Shutterstock’s 30% or Adobe’s 35%.

For now, they’re only accepting invited contributors and say they aren’t yet looking for more submissions but will be in the future. You can show your interest to be part of the collection by filling a form in which they say they’re prioritizing submissions from creators interested in selling exclusively.

HD files are being sold for $79, while 4K files are sold for $199. That’s for non-exclusive files.

Exclusive files prices are $299 for HD and $499 for 4K.

I got to say I’m curious to check how often these non-exclusive files will sell. So I’m not sure if they’ll keep these prices for too long. The only thing I want to believe is that they won’t change this commision rates later.

2. Storyblocks Update

Talking about that, In our last video, we discussed the controversial fact of Storyblocks changing their commission structure and adding a rate of 50% on their video sales.

The company sent a new email telling about the feedback received and the concern with the member price for HD footage set at $49 and decided to raise their HD price to $79.

So by October 15, Storyblocks guests will be charged $79 per clip. The same price will be charged from members; the difference is that they’ll get a 10% instant rebate after checking out.

They will also no longer collect a guest fee from nonmember purchases.

After these changes, you’ll now get $35.55 per clip sold to Storyblocks members and $39.50 per clip sold to a nonmember.

We all want to believe these changes were made with contributors in mind, not just for the good of the company. Only time will let us know.


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