Drone (and not) subject ideas that sould get good sales on stock agencies.

Here are a few suggestions coming from Shutterstock, Pond5 and Getty Images. They represent a true demand of the whole market. Most of them will be useful for all kind of arts. So no matter if you do video, photo, motion graphics, illustrations, etc. These insights can be used in every art, in every agency.

1. Aerial Filmmaking

Drones are getting more popular each day and though there’s a big competition already, there are still categories with supply smaller than demand.

There are 3 categories with high demand on Pond5, for both Photography and Footage. Each category has a code that, if included in your file’s keywords, will let Pond5 know what you’re focusing on. I believe they use it to prioritize for approval and maybe include your file on featured packs.

1.1 Agricultural: this category is known for being always in demand and having no expiration date. Wheat fields, Cornfields, Vineyards, Patchwork, Fruit orchards, Tractors, Farms, and Grain Silos… These categories will always work well and can be even better with aerial shots. Some tips are trying to shoot low-flying shots at sunrise and sunset.

Suggested Keywords: Harvest, Organic, Arable Land, Cultivation, Vegetation
Keyword Code: AERIALOCT2018


1.2 Industries: Industrial subjects have always been a hot topic and are still underexplored when it comes to aerial shots. Here are some ideas: containers on a dock, on the ship, being loaded and unloaded; new cars on a dealership or shipping center, solar farm, wind turbines, construction sites, oil rigs on land or sea, factories, trains, oil refinery, etc. Tips are shooting wide enough to avoid release issues. Avoid logos or any other copyrighted features that are recognizable.

Suggested Keywords: Distribution, Commerce, Industry, Transportation, Production, Trade
Keyword Code: INDUSOCT2018


1.3 Villages and Suburban: Different global clients look for images representing how people live around the world. There’s a big demand for Suburban track homes and neighborhoods, but also apartment buildings, condominiums, parks, commercial streets, small to big stadiums and courts, etc.

Suggested Keywords: Community, Development, Subdivision, Suburbia, Construction, Architecture, Neighborhood
Keyword Code: SUBOCT2018


2. Global Holidays

You might think Christmas is a saturated topic – and you’re right. Cause it is.

But it’s still a big market and a golden pot if you explore it the right way. One good example is exploring its celebration in different countries.

There’s a high demand for images and videos of Christmas and other holidays being celebrated in Austria, Brazil, Colombia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Iceland, India, Malaysia, Norway, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, and Thailand.

You can explore celebrations such as (forgive my pronunciation) Hanukkah, Purim, Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Chinese New Year and its year’s animal.

I know, it’s not Christmas time yet, but there are a few strategies you can use: Search for old materials stored in your HD, reproduce a small Christmas celebration or at least be prepared for when Christmas comes so your content is online to be sold next year.

If you live in any of these countries, try to achieve authentic feelings with real people on real scenarios. Forget the classical stock agency look and what tourists would often focus on.

Illustrators can also explore the birth of Jesus, including Jerusalem, the three wise men, nativity scenes, baby Jesus on a manger, etc.


3. Vacation Mode

Also connected to Holidays there’s a request from Shutterstock they call Vacation Mode.

It is all about winter vacations, and people heading to celebrations in the winter time.
Winter activities including traveling down a winter road, snowshoeing, enjoying a fire in the snow, and ski trips.

Trips to warm destinations will also sell. Beach activities, pool activities, etc.


4. Self-Improvement

And last comes another Shutterstock request on Self-Improvement. Especially for lifestyle changes influenced by the New Year.

That means representing people starting or researching diets; mind-body improvements, such as meditation and yoga; Goal setting and writing down resolutions; Healthy eating habits, etc. Try to mix the common healthy lifestyle content with New Year’s resolutions.


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