For some reason, it took half of March until Shutterstock posted their requests. But, better later than never, here we are with the Shoot & Sell episode of this month!

This is a monthly episode I post with ideas on what you can work next to maximize your earnings selling stock footage & stock photography as well as the relevant news in this microstock world.

You can watch the content in the video above or just keep reading this article.

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Before we head to the Shot List, let me pull your attention on a few important things happening on Shutterstock and Pond5 during these days.

The Shot List

And without further ado, let’s head to the shot list. These are actual requests made by the stock agencies. It is a good idea to work on them as fast as possible, but that doesn’t mean this is the only time they’re usable. They represent the real demand of stock customers, so if you’re looking for inspiration, be sure to watch the past episodes too.

As usual, this month they are coming from Shutterstock and Pond5, but you can upload and sell them on all stock agencies you work with.

Let’s go!

1. The Middle East

Let’s start with this big opportunity to anyone living or traveling to the Middle East. And to be honest, you don’t even have to be there to explore this.

Shutterstock is searching for Cultural and religious elements of the Middle Eastern culture. That means any inspired cuisine including falafel, shawarma, and samosas as well as people enjoying shisha and hookahs. I’m sorry if I’m pronouncing it wrong. You can also explore cultural and religious observances pertaining to Ramadan.

As I said, you don’t have to travel to explore this as there is always a demand for how this culture is practiced in different places of the world.

An extra tip is Including people of diverse ethnicities and ages. And always be respectful when working with this or any other culture.

One more personal tip, if you have the opportunity to travel to Qatar before the Worldcup, that would be an awesome place to explore.

2. Tech of the Future

Woman touching air in VR glasses on Offset

Shutterstock is also requesting content related to the Tech of the Future. By that, they mean the latest technological advancements in multiple industries.

Some examples are facial recognition, video conferencing in inspirational environments, augmented reality and machine learning.

I can’t stress enough how impactful it will be to include people of diverse ethnicities, ages, abilities, and backgrounds.

3. Hiring

We are hiring sign on Shutterstock

Then we have a request for Hiring and New Jobs. That covers the recruitment process, welcoming new team members and any kind of sign like “We’re hiring,” “We want you,” or “Join our team”.

Shutterstock was very specific in these sentences so I would use them as keywords if I were you.

4. Elderly Citizens of the World

Senior stretching on Offset

The last Shutterstock request focus on senior citizens and the challenges they face during this stage of life.

Some ideas are seniors, as couples or friends, in everyday lifestyle scenarios.

Also, images depicting hearing aids, dentures, and memory loss conditions such as Alzheimer.

Caregivers are also a cool aspect to focus on.

5. Camping

Slow-Motion Portrait of Young Hiker in Norway by AilaImages

Pond5 has also 3 requests and there are keyword suggestions and extra tips for all of them. Find it in the text article in the link below.

And the first of them is Camping, especially couples.

That would be a couple putting up a tent, sitting by a fire talking or eating. You can also explore scenes like hiking, relaxing and activities like canoeing, surfing, etc.

Portraits will also work well.

Suggested Keywords: Recreation, Idyllic, Freedom, Healthy Lifestyles, Relaxation, Togetherness

Pro-Tip: Embrace the light. Subjects that primarily take place outdoors are prime for using natural light. Add a dog for extra credit. In addition, it’s important to remember that all ages are important when considering your casting choices.

6. Bullying

Teen Bullying by benjikat

Next, we have bullying. This subject has high demand but is still badly explored. Especially when it’s used to raise awareness of this issue. Most of the current content exaggerates too much and it might be a good idea to be careful with that.

Some ideas are a group of youths verbally bullying another youth, leaving someone out, hitting or pinching, breaking another’s possessions, rude gestures and even spitting.

It is a hard subject to work with and I would love to see what solutions you guys have found!

Suggested Keywords: Social Issues, Harassment, Intimidation, Threats, Domination, Exclusion, Anxiety, Despair

Pro-Tip: A variety of locations can provide the right location for your scenes. While most reported bullying happens in a school building, a significant percentage also happens in places like on the playground or on the bus. It can also happen traveling to or from school and in the youth’s neighborhood.

Casting Considerations: Ages 5 to 17 years, gender, and race diversity. Authenticity and diversity will play an important role in the success of your shoot.

7. Cafe Culture

Man Using Touchscreen Tablet in Cafe by AilaImages

And finally, Cafe Culture! The freelancer’s paradise.

Some ideas are someone making coffee, handing it to a customer, customer handing the credit card, someone sipping coffee while working on a laptop, tablet or phone, or reading a book or magazine. Portraits will also be a good idea in this case.

Suggested Keywords: Wireless Technology, Communication, Concentration, Tranquility, Independence, Connection

Pro-Tip: Utilizing areas of the cafe or changing up your setting can provide innumerable angles and concepts, such as placing your talent in big comfortable chairs and couches for a more relaxed vibe or at a communal table for those who want to strike up spontaneous dialogue or collaborate on work projects. (Beware of logos.)


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