Subjects requested by stock agencies (Feb’19 Edition)

A new month means new opportunities to sell stock footage & stock photography. That is why publishes shot lists every month. So you get the best out of your photo & video sales.T

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Alright, let’s get to the requests. Starting with Shutterstock’s.

1. Animals in the Wild

According to Shutterstock, the demand for Animal related stock photos, stock footage, and stock illustrations is higher than the offered content. They get more specific:

  • People viewing wildlife from licensed viewing points such as whale watching tours, or safaris.
  • Exotic animals in native habitats, such as llamas in Peru or lions in Africa.
  • Animals of the U.S. Pacific Northwest, such as bears, wolves, salmon, etc.
  • Oceanic creatures including octopuses, dolphins, and whales.

2. Plants

According to designer Kenny Colvin:

One trend that will be at the forefront of home interior design in 2019 is big, bold plants. … The bigger, the better here.

– Kenny Colvin, Designer

And since Interior Design has a strong influence on stock agencies, this request makes all the sense.

  • Photos and illustrations of modern plants, herbs, and flora in beautiful locations, indoors and outdoors
  • Product hero and lifestyle imagery of natural plants and people interacting with them.
  • Tall cacti, banana plants, and palm trees in beautiful destinations such as Joshua Tree or Hawaii.
  • Edible flowers, and natural herbs/botanicals such as turmeric, matcha, and parsley.
  • Cherry blossoms, peonies, dandelions, and other spring flowers.

3. Neurodevelopmental Disorders and Specialized Assistance
  • Diverse images that showcase these disorders in real-life situations.
  • Specialized assistance for adults and children who live with neurodevelopmental disorders.
  • People with disabilities in specialized learning programs.
  • Children and adults along the autism spectrum. Examples include people in solitary environments, listening to music, or using tablets as learning tools.
  • Adults and children with vision or hearing impairments.

4. Recycling

Pond5 is requesting recycling content.

  • Dropping plastic, paper, and cardboard items into recycling bins
  • Taking recycling bin to the curbside
  • Portraits with a recycling bin
  • Pro-Tip: The recycling symbol is in the public domain and is not a trademark, so it’s free to use. As far as propping your recyclable goods (NO LOGOS) the following list pertains to the top ten items:
    • 1. Cardboard
    • 2. Paper
    • 3. Food Boxes
    • 4. Mail
    • 5. Beverage Cans
    • 6. Food Cans
    • 7. Glass Bottles
    • 8. Jars (Glass and Plastic)
    • 9. Jugs
    • 10. Plastic Bottles and Caps

Suggested Keywords: Reuse, Eco-Friendly, Environment, Conservation, Sustainable, Resources

5. Boxing

The second Pond5 request is Boxing. With its focus on training, competition, perseverance, and discipline, it is loaded with conceptual ideas that bleed much further into themes beyond its literal interpretation.

  • Shadow boxing
  • Throwing fists toward the camera
  • Hitting bag
  • Jump roping
  • Training with battle rope
  • Situps/pushups
  • Boxer portraits
  • Boxer hitting pads
  • Wrapping/taping hands

Suggested Keywords: Toughness, Energy, Preparation, Dedication, Aggression, Competitiveness, Strength, Endurance

6. Superheroes

The last Pond5 request this month is about superheroes. With the continued popularity of superheroes in mainstream culture, buyers are always looking for aspirational imagery of kids in costume to reflect heroic ambitions and potential. Surprisingly, we”re in short supply for this highly in-demand theme.

  • Portrait of boy or girl in a superhero costume
  • Boy or girl flexing their muscles in a superhero costume
  • Boy or girl running in a superhero costume

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