Wondering what to shoot in December and January to increase your income with Stock Footage & Stock Photography? You can read the text content below or watch the video made after the same script.

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The Shot List

Ok, let’s go to the shot list!

As I always say, these suggestions come from Shutterstock, Pond5 and Getty Images. But they represent a true demand of the whole market.

The requests were made in the month of December of 2018 but that doesn’t mean this is the only month they’ll sell. They’re normally evergreen content and a true demand from stock customers. So if this is the first video you’re watching, I do suggest you also watch the other episodes I did in previous months for more insights.

Fashion & Design

So let’s get started with Pond5. They’re doing a request on Fashion & Design related content. If you decide to work on any of these 3 following sub-topics, you can find suggested keywords in this link.

1. Design Teams

“Design Teams” is one example. All kind of shots that represent a group of people working on ideas and creativity will be fantastic for this. Designers with a team leader around workstation while passing materials to each other. Environmental designers studying architectural models & plans. Designers reviewing mood boards or posting notes on glass or wall.

You can also focus on individuals like a designer on his computer, sketching with pencils or even texting and making calls. There’s a lot of texting and calling material on the market right now, but if somehow you manage to represent a designer talking to his client, I think you should make good results.

Suggested Keywords: Creativity, Innovation, Planning, Occupation, Cooperation, Strategy, Skill, Expertise

Pro-Tip: Avoid high key lighting and minimal set dressing, which usually happens on shoots with themes such as these. Make it feel real.

2. Fashion Designer

If you can, narrow the focus a little bit more to fashion designers. This subject seems to have a big demand but low supply. So it is definitely a good opportunity. Even now, I couldn’t find enough examples to reproduce:

A Designer flipping through clothes, studying drawings, inspiration boards on a wall, using a sewing machine to stitch fabric, draping, pinning and measuring fabric on model or mannequin and even taking a photo of a dress and sending it via text.

Suggested Keywords: Measurement, Precision, Innovation, Concentration, Preparation, Individuality, Ambition, Occupation

Pro-Tip: It’s highly recommended that you hire a real fashion designer. Get coverage with a variety of angles on your subject. In addition, adding a cell phone conversation and texting scenario to a few setups is worth the effort.

Casting Considerations: 23 years and up, gender and race diversity.

3. Fashion Shoot

Along the fashion line, there’s also a big demand for fashion shoots. As funny as it sounds. The point is: there’s already a ton of fashion photos & footage on stock agencies. But not enough shots of the professionals behind it. For example:

A fashion model in front of a mirror with a stylist and a makeup artist. A photographer conversing with a stylist. Photographer and model interactions such as talking and even getting the shots. Assistants capturing RAW images, a series of poses, and the reviewal of the work on a laptop.

Suggested Keywords: Creativity, Focus, Connection, Glamour, Concentration, Fashion Industry, Occupation

Pro-Tip: It’s more about the process and the attitude, rather than the focus being on the clothes. With that said, the clothes should be as contemporary as possible. Avoid fashion trends that can be fleeting. Get coverage with a variety of angles on your subject. Other than a model, a band, athlete, or “celebrity” type would work well.


Pond5 is also requesting stock images & stock video clips of specific business events. The business category already has strong competition. So I would avoid making the classic stock style.

4. Press Conference

“Press conferences” is one of them. You can try an actor behind a desk with a variety of microphones on his front. An actor behind microphones, recorders, and phones. A reporter raising a hand to ask a question. Actor pointing to the reporter with a raised hand, etc.

Suggested Keywords: Technology, Media, Journalism, Press Conference, Communication, Information, Interview, Persuasion, Announcement

Pro-Tip: Casting and revolving talent that represents a politician, a celebrity, an athlete, and so on can stretch your shoot to hit a variety of important targets, including those related to entertainment.

5. Business Seminar

In a very similar scenario, “business seminar” is also a request. Try to capture a variety of angles and perspectives from both the speaker and the audience.

Suggested Keywords: Education, Communication, Strategy, Inspiration, Development, Entrepreneur

Pro-Tip: Capturing a variety of angles and perspectives from both the speaker and audience positions are key to a successful shoot. A candid or editorial-style camera approach could work as an added perspective to that of a participant.

6. Windows and Glass

The combination of glass or other transparent elements in business shots is something really trendy these days. The glass reflection on cityscape, businessperson, conference meeting, etc should result in something pretty original. Writing on the glass is also a very cool idea and simple to reproduce.




GettyImages came up with a very specific request that I really believe should make good sales in the future.

7. Blindness & Deafness

They’re searching for authentic representations of individuals living with visual and hearing impairments doing daily activities.

Capture the models having a conversation with sign language, reading braille, going shopping, traveling, getting ready for the day and more. We want to see people of the deaf and blind community enjoying themselves with friends and family.

  • Real people: Always use actual persons with disabilities to represent people with disabilities.
  • Dignity: Make sure the images represent the subject respectfully. Keeping camera angles on the same eye level or below are recommended vs. “looking down.
  • Humanize: Show a whole person in an image rather than only an assistive device prosthetic limb, assistive technology, or other accommodation. Bring their whole self to the photo.

8. Inclusive Sports

Inclusive sports is another strong subject. People with and without disabilities playing together. The disability shouldn’t be the focus of the image. Focus on the engagement instead. You can also consider showcasing the diversity of sporting equipment.

Capture the joy of people with and without disabilities playing sports together. We want to see inclusivity with active players engaged in the game, where the disability is not the main focus of the image. – whether it is training, competition, victory, loss, and everything in between.

  • Some suggested sports include, but are not limited to: tennis, soccer, basketball, baseball, hockey, golf, cycling, kayaking or running; as well as fitness activities such as yoga, pilates or dancing.
  • Consider showcasing the diversity of sporting equipment such as gripping gloves, adaptive cross trainers, railings, or pool lifts.
  • Remember to illustrate people from different ethnicities, including African-American, Asian, Hispanic, not only Caucasian; and a wide age range from children to seniors.

9. Tech

And to close, we have the Shutterstock requests. The first one is related to the latest phones, tablets, laptops and smart technology. It might be a good idea to avoid recognizable logos and trademarks.

You can focus on smart technology in action, like smart homes, voice assistants, facial recognition, cybersecurity, etc.

10. Plant-based Food

Plant-based food is another request. That means colorful, healthy foods in flatlays and stylized settings. Poke bowls in lifestyle environments, avocado toast, and groups of people having fun around this kind of food.

Extra requests for January

The following requests were made by Shutterstock in January, so they’re not in the video above.

11. International Women’s Day

  • Inspirational photographs celebrating women’s equality and achievements.
  • Groups of diverse women in the workplace and beyond.
  • Women shattering traditional stereotypes and working in a variety of careers.
  • Friendships among women.
  • Working parents balancing home life and work life.
  • People of all genders celebrating and fighting for women’s rights and gender equality.

12. Spring Sports

  • Baseball, basketball, softball, and other outdoor sports activities.
  • Sports specific to your area of the world.
  • People of diverse ages, genders, and ethnicities having fun playing sports outdoors.
  • Unique sports such as motocross, mountain biking, kayaking, and horse racing.
  • People wearing proper safety gear for the sport they’re playing.

13. Global Awareness

  • Content showcasing the diversity of global cultures and experiences.
  • Images depicting equality, diversity, and the interconnectedness of the human experience.
  • Diverse people around the world campaigning for human rights.
  • People displaying a wide range of emotions in real-world environments.
  • People speaking to large audiences about global issues, including climate change.
  • People of diverse backgrounds and abilities in real-world situations.

14. Skin care

  • People applying skincare remedies to acne-prone skin.
  • Product hero images of natural skin care remedies.
  • Flat lays of skincare remedies styled with natural materials.
  • People at a dermatologist’s office.
  • Images showing the effect that junk foods such as candy, chocolate, and sweets can have on the complexion.
  • Models of various ages, genders, abilities, and ethnicities.