This post is part of a series I write monthly to help stock creators with ideas and insights on what to produce next as well as relevant news of the industry.

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The Shot List

1. Environmentalism & Plastic Awareness

Environmental issues & solutions, and Plastic Awareness are the first demand from Shutterstock. This is an interesting topic wherever you live. You can work on plastic pollution in water or land. Beach and forest clean-ups. And any creative way to showcase zero-waste and environmental solutions.

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2. Football (or Soccer)

The second demand is Football. And I’m sorry my fellow American friends. I’m talking about real football, not that thing you call football. That’s not a ball, and you don’t even use the foot enough. So… yeah… sorry. That’s not football.

Joking apart, we’re talking about people playing and watching soccer around the world. You can explore the local traditions and how people interact with the sport wherever you are. This topic has a strong demand for illustrations and vectors. Shutterstock suggests vectors with various sports balls, not only soccer.

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3. Home Improvement & Spring Cleaning

Next, we have home improvement & spring cleaning. That includes people cleaning their houses, like floors, surfaces, TVs, laundry, etc. Before-and-afters are getting nice results in this subject. Read more

4. Pride & the LGBTQ+ Community

The last Shutterstock request is related to the Pride Month, and that means images celebrating Pride and diversity communities. Things live events, flags, as well as individuals, couples, or friends in everyday situations. Read more

5. Creative Brief: Teens and Social Video

We also have three creative briefs from Pond5. The first one is related to Teens and Social Media.

We know how much teenager’s lives were impacted since Instagram launched Stories. If it was for better or worse, well, that’s not the point. 

So Pond5 is looking for photos & videos that capture teenagers creating and spreading their stories. You can cover texting, selfies and everything in between.

Suggested Keywords: Social Media, Communication, Individuality, Entertainment, Connection, Obsession, Wireless Technology, Portability

Pro-Tip: More than likely, a teenager’s room might be covered with copyrighted posters, images, and products peppered with logos from popular brands. There are plenty of ways to keep your environment real without compromising your vision for fear of capturing copyrighted materials. Shoot with a shallower depth of field, which will blur out TV programs, appliances, computers, magazines, books, logos, and any other trademarked objects. Also, prepping a safe location takes a little more effort, including greeking logos and avoiding areas that pose a risk or are impossible to navigate around.

Pond5 was specific about ages between 13-18, but I would also explore different ages. From kids becoming early users to older people that got the same habits.

Read the full brief here.

6. Creative Brief: Airport Security

The second request from Pond5 is pretty specific and also pretty hard to do. And that’s Airport Security. It can be tough to obtain access to a security checkpoint but not impossible. It also doesn’t have to be an actual security checkpoint as you can simulate one like these contributors probably have.

Explore scenes like passengers putting laptops and shoes into plastic bins, metal detectors, x-rays, passports, and even dogs sniffing.

Suggested Keywords: Security, Safety, Examination, Surveillance, Travel, Occupation

Pro-Tip: Try to find a local airport with less traffic, or stage your shots in an alternative facility or studio that can be “cheated” as an airport security checkpoint with close-ups and props.

Read the full brief here.

7. Creative Brief: Automated Assembly Lines

And last we got “Automated Assembly Lines.” This is a strong one for anyone working with 3D or Motion Design. Robots are quickly displacing humans in manufacturing plants, and that’s what they want in pictures.

Some ideas are robotic arms creating a product and assembly lines. Not only in the automotive industry, but also medical, electronic, welding, food service, and even law enforcement.

Suggested Keywords: AUTOAPRIL2019, Automation, Technology, Industry, Manufacturing, Engineering, Assembly, Innovation, Intelligence, Efficiency

Pro-Tip: Industries that successfully utilize automation include automotive, medical, electronics manufacturing, welding, food service, and law enforcement. It’s often handy to volunteer your services as a filmmaker or photographer at places in these sectors in exchange for keeping the footage. A proposal such as this can be the solution for obtaining access to an otherwise tough location.

Read the full brief here.

8. Babies with fruits and Vegetables

Finally, I’ll borrow this request from Getty Images Custom Content.

They’re looking for images with babies discovering and interacting with different fruits and vegetables. Not only eating but playing and satisfying their curiosity.

Key Requirements: 

  • Babies playing with ingredients showing curiosity, the awakening of senses, discovering food, touching, etc.
  • Playful staging of the ingredients. Think color, form, and textures.
  • Photographed outdoors, in nature, and some indoor. Must be all unknown, unrecognizable locations.
  • Some images can work as triptychs (think of an Instagram feed).
  • Clothing: dressed modern and trendy, simple or very colorful (see mood board).
  • Dishes/plates: wood, bamboo, plastic.

Technical Requirements:

  • Natural light.
  • Selective focus can be used to make specific objects stand out.
  • Square and vertical formats.
  • Shot ideas: from the front, from behind, wide field of view, tight shots on the expression of the face, the child’s hands, etc.

Read the full brief here.